Recruitment Committee (RC)

Recruitment Committee (RC)

Recruitment committee is set up within the club to make sure that all the new members have all the opportunities to ask questions and get satisfactory answers as well as easily get involved in all activities of the club. Recruitment committee:

  • Implements firm policies around recruiting and training
  • Develops and conducts trainings for new members
  • Ensures that all new members clearly understand accounts and assignments, and the entire team is working in a cooperative fashion to promote great work as well as a positive internal team environment
  • Ensures that all new members fully understand the opportunities that the club provides as well as their role in the club
  • Promotes a positive environment for all members and identifies firm management to address issues that are creating barriers to an optimal environment for all members
  • Provides feedback, advice and back up as needed to new members to ensure that all new members have the support needed to be an inseparable part of the club

The Chairperson for this committee is Anahit Movsisyan



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