Creative (PR) Committee

Creative (PR) Committee

The objective of the Creative (PR) Committee is to

  • Increase the visibility of the Club to the community through news releases
  • Guarantee the club’s active presence in social media
  • Facilitate news media coverage of Club activities.
  • Maintain a Club website to enhance communication with others, both within and outside the Club.
  • Contact and cooperate with other student clubs that do media coverage for the community that the club is targeting
  • Edit and publish a Club bulletin at least monthly or to send e-mail bulletins weekly
  • Take photographs of Club service projects, fundraisers, and social events and compile a Club scrapbook
  • Write strategic communication plans and campaign strategies that demonstrate Speak-up’s creative approach, offer unique strategies tailored to the needs of the AUA community and provide enough detail to avoid misinterpretation
  • Lead proposal process for new opportunities and development
  • Take a lead role in creating a new piece of intellectual property
  • Demonstrate outstanding writing skills

The chairperson of this Committee is Anushik Davtyan




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