Building Bridges

Cooperation is a drive to mutual benefit

“Speak-up” Public Speaking Club

AUA Speak-up Club is happy to cooperate with anyone who is interested in it.  Both individuals and companies may become partners with the Club.

If you are willing to become partners with “Speak-up” Student Club fill in these two forms and submit them to the Club’s official email. Cooperation form is a standard document to fill in the information about your company or yourself as an individual partner. In the letter of interest, the person/company/organization willing to cooperate with the Club must include the following information:

  1. Your name/the name of the company
  2. The name of the person and his/her position title to contact (student, editor-in-chief, club president)
  3. Two sentence description of the company. In case of an individual, describe your professional experience and achievements in 3-4 short sentences.
  4. Describe the benefit of the Club from the cooperation with you or your company (individual or company)
  5. Describe what you/company expects to get from cooperation with the Club

If any questions arise please contact the Club’s president.

Documents to submit:

Official email:

Club president’s email: