Registered vs. Active member



“Speak-up” is one of the unique clubs that requires its members to regularly attend meetings and actively contribute to the development of the club. In return, the club provides a friendly atmosphere, platform to develop your public speaking and debating skills, practice these skills and organize events.

There is a huge difference between active and registered members. In the club active are considered to be those members who regularly attend club meetings, thus showing their interest. The registered members get emails about the results of active members’ contribution in the club, meaning events, new video projects, strategic planning meeting results, and decisions.

In the club, we hold weekly meetings with active members. These meetings happen every Friday, 4:30-6:00 p.m. at Small Auditorium. The time for meetings is determined during the first week of classes and is finalized after add/drop period and is not subject to any kind of change until there is an emergency situation. Besides, we have meetings for rehearsing purposes which differs, in terms of timing, depending on the member we are having a rehearsal with.

If you are a new member and didn’t get the chance to attend meetings three times in a row because of a good reason. Please fill in this form and send it to our email address.

Anyone who registers and doesn’t come to meetings is not an active member and will stop receiving emails about meetings and opportunities that club receives from outer sources. We consider the registered member to be an active member if that person constantly contributes to the development of the club and comes to meeting regularly.

It is worth to mention that “Speak-up” is the only career-oriented active club existing at AUA. Thus, we expect our members to be serious, consistent, responsible and organized. Our club has its value, which can be found by following the link:




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