From the Words of the First Speakers

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Anatoli Hovhanesyan
Speaker of the “Discussing Local and Global with your peers” event

Speak-up Club to me is one of the most interesting clubs, which I really enjoy to be in. I was honored to be a speaker on the first speak up event. I did not expect much from the club, as well as the club did not expect much from the first speakers, but we both did a great job. Speak up club had given me a lot of public speaking experience as well as self-confidence. The most surprising thing in the club to me was that we have a family atmosphere. After participating in this awesome club, I simply give any kind of public speeches and participate in intensive debates. I have also gained critical thinking skill, which has helped me a lot in strongly supporting my point in any kind of debate.

To conclude, I would suggest everyone attend our club’s sessions and present their own speech to the audience in order for them to be heard by the community. It was pretty hard for me to criticize feminism, but remember everything beneficial starts from difficulties.



Anushik Davtyan

Speaker of the “Discussing Local and Global with your peers” event

When I first heard about the club I could not imagine that this club is so nice. The thing is that here:

  • We can speak about whatever we want and are interested in
  • Our ideas are important
  • There are no strict rules and no bureaucracy
  • Organizers are nice people)
  • We do speeches in front of more than 40 people audience including students, faculty members, and staff members. During the event when I was giving a speech the president of the university, Armen Ter-Kyureghyan, came.

I always tried to find a way to give public speeches, because I was sure that I would do a lot of speeches later in my career. This club is the very first place where I had a public speech. The experience I get here is invaluable. I can grow my public speaking skills here step by step.

The event was really very very nice. Now I am looking forward to our next event of public speaking, I miss it a lot!

Thank you, Margarita, for starting this club! I am ready to help you with everything I can, so when there is a need you can ask me to help you, not only in club but outside it



Yelena Boroyan

Speaker of the “Discussing Local and Global with your peers” event

After my first speech presented during the very memorable event organized by the Speak-up club, I shall say that my expectations were adequately fulfilled. With the help of the organizers, I acquired practical knowledge in writing and effectively presenting a speech. I learned how to synthesize and organize my thoughts in a way that would be understandable and easy to follow for the audience; instantaneously integrate the audience into the presentation topic and be persistent in my point of view, yet open-minded for a positive change. Most importantly, I’ve prominently overcome my fear of public speaking: having put myself in a position open for questions, doubt and critique—I’ve become more confident in voicing my thoughts and beliefs, and at the same time, not being afraid to confront criticism that might serve as a potentially beneficial change in my own thoughts and beliefs. I acknowledge that there is a lot of space to grow and this is just the beginning of the long and cooperative journey I’m going to build with the club.






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