Speech-writing is fun




Speech-writing is fun

Your speech should reflect you, your ideas, values, and feelings.

Effective speech starts with speech-writing. To write a great speech you should start with:

  • Choosing the topic that you are most familiar with and passionate about. It will help you be better to prepare to answer follow up questions from the audience.
  • Start off with a strong introduction. You may even start with a strong quote. It will also help you to wake your audience up.
  • Including a sound thesis statement. The thesis is the main point you want to emphasize and the message you want to leave your audience with.
  • Organizing your speech. Your speech should have introduction, body, and conclusion.  In other words
  1. Intro: tell people what you are going to tell them
  2. Body: Tell it
  3. Conclusion: Tell it again
  • Get persuasive

If you are making a point and it feels to be illogical then you should consider your audience, and make your points as simple for your audience as possible.

After all, use your authentic voice: include your personal experience, make appropriate jokes and ask rhetorical questions.

by Margarita Dadyan


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